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Start sing was 3 years old.
When she was 13 years old, she tried  Star Tanjyo ( Kind of contest ).
She couldn't make it. She changed mind. She took audition. Then she joined stunt team.
She played action hero show and action stunt for actress.

She stopped action stunt after marry in 1985.
She divorce in 1994.     She marry American in same year. Then moved to US and get US
She divorced in 2006. Then she start sing again. She [play J-Pop, Enka, Anime Song.
She can sing all kind songs.


1975       Kasumigaura city Sing Contest 1st place.

2006       Bridge USA Sing Contest 1st place.

2007       Bridge USA Sing Contest 1st Place.

2009       Yamato Restaurant  Sing Contest 1st place.

2010      Zensyuji Sing Contest 1st place.

2012      Mituwa Market Sing Contest 1st place.

2013      JAAF  Cosplay Contest 1st place.

2015      JAMS  San Diego Sing Contest 2nd place.

Show and Concert

2008-01-06     :     Kouhaku Utagassen USA.  Perform every year.

2009-08-02     :     Kouhaku Kraoke Utagassen USA. Perform every year.

2010-04-02     :     San deigo Anime Event Anime song show.

2011-04-18     :     Yoshie Sato charity show guest singer.

2011-05-15     :     Navy Exchage Pt Hueneme  Event  Show. Perform every year.

2011-07-12     :     Zenshuji Summer Festival guest singer.

2011-07-15    :     AM2 Anime convention Anime song show.

2011-08-12     :     Nisei Week Tanabata show.

2011-12-16    :     Los Angels Keiro Home Event guest singer.

2012-02-05     :    Los Angels Jennifer Jewelry shop event sing show.

2012-07-11     :     Zenshuji Summer Festival guest singer.

2012-08-15     :     Nisei Week Tanabata show.

2012-09-22     :     Ventura County Philippine party guest singer.

2013-08-15     :     Nisei Week Tanabata stage.

2013-10-28     :     Orange County Keiro Event  Sing Show.

2014-07-14     :     Nishi Honganji Obon Festival Show

2014-07-21     :     Bridge USA San Diego Summer Festival Show.

2014-08-10     :     Nise Week Anime Song Stage.

2015-04-12     :     Southern California Karaoke Club Meeting Guest Singer.

2015-05-24     :     Navy Exchange Pt Hueneme Event show.